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Some of our friends have lots of snowflakes piled outside – and other friends are in shorts and t-shirts at the beach! Either way, it’s fun to draw snowflakes. Every snowflake is different, so you can’t go wrong! Click on the image below, or click here, to open the coloring page, then download, print, and start coloring!

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What could be more fun than decorating cupcakes?! – well, maybe eating them! Did you know that it wasn’t until 150 years after cupcakes were invented that someone thought to put frosting on them. I wonder what took them so long? Click on the image below, or click here, to open the coloring page, then download, print, and start coloring!

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Starry Night with Cactus

I don’t know about you – but I think Sophie and I have the same idea….that sure does look like Sadie in the Starry Night! Just like Van Gogh’s famous painting called Starry Night – this one has parts that are a little different that they actually look in real life. That’s why Van Gogh belonged to the art school called post-impressionism. Can you see the moon and the stars and maybe even the wind?! Click on the image below, […]

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Museum map

After all of the art that they’ve seen, Sophie and Sadie have finally found the map of the museum. I wonder what they are looking for?! What do you think? Aren’t maps cool? I especially like figuring out what the different symbols mean. In this map there are symbols for stairs, escalator, elevator, bathroom, information, gift shop, pay, coat rack, bathroom, and snack bar. Can you find them all? Click on the image below, or click here, to open the coloring page, […]

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Yves Klein Blue

Some painters use brushes to paint – some use other things like turkey basters or wooden sticks. Yves Klein used people! And he loved the color blue so much that he designed a shade of blue that he named after himself! He would put paint on his models and then pull them around the canvas or have them lie down on the canvas – like a living paint brush! Sophie seems to be having fun sliding around on the paint! […]

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Whistler’s Mother or is it?

Well, I kind of think it looks a bit more like Sadie than Whistler’s Mom, but it’s a close call! James Abbott McNeill Whistler is most famous for this portrait of his mom (which is actually called Arrangement in Grey and Black No.1). The story is that the model who was supposed to come cancelled…and his mom agreed to model in her place. When the painting was first displayed nobody liked it! It was very simple and really different from […]

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Drip Painting and Jackson Pollack

Looks like Sophie and Sadie are trying to make a painting like Jackson Pollack – who was famous for his Drip Painting style. He liked having his painting canvas on the floor or on a wall, and a lot of his paintings are very big. He would ‘drip’ the paint onto the canvas with brushes or sticks or even turkey basters! Drip painters were part of the Abstract Expressionist movement. Click on the image below, or click here, to open the coloring […]

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Tea – Mary Cassatt

One of the gifts that artists give us (especially those who were painting in the time before cameras or cell phones!) is an idea of what life was like in different times. We can see what people wore, what they did, what their homes looked like. The Impressionist artists even painted outside instead of in a studio so they could really show what people were doing. Mary Cassatt was an artist who was especially interested in painting women and children. […]

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Color Field – Barnett Newman

There are painters that decided that the most interesting part of a painting was the color – so they decided to make big areas of their paintings all one color. They were called Color Field painters. Sometimes they used different shades of the same color and sometimes they used a few different colors and sometimes it was just one color. Barnett Newman was one of those Color Field artists. Most of his paintings are all one color with a few […]

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Target with four Sophie faces

It looks like Sadie is recognizing Sophie’s beautiful smile in this art! The original piece, called Target with Four Faces by Jasper Johns is a mix of sculpture and painting and collage and more! The faces are plaster, the frame and the boxes the faces are in is wood, and the target is painted on top of a collage of newspapers…and the paint is a mix of paint and beeswax. So interesting! Click on the image below, or click here, to open […]

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