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Sadie and the shot put

Well, it looks like Sadie has figured out an Olympic sport that works well for having one frond (cactus arm) – the shot put! She was super excited that Michelle Carter was the first woman in the US to win a gold medal in shot put in the Olympics. I haven’t told her how heavy the actual shot puts are…the women’s shot (the ball is called the shot) weighs 8.8 pounds (4kg) and men’s shot weighs 16 pounds (7kg) – […]

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Tea – Mary Cassatt

One of the gifts that artists give us (especially those who were painting in the time before cameras or cell phones!) is an idea of what life was like in different times. We can see what people wore, what they did, what their homes looked like. The Impressionist artists even painted outside instead of in a studio so they could really show what people were doing. Mary Cassatt was an artist who was especially interested in painting women and children. […]

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Sculpture – prehistoric Lowenmensch

The oldest sculpture that has been found looks like a lion’s head on a person’s body. For some reason, Sophie and Sadie think that is pretty funny. It was found in Germany where they call it Lowenmensch – which basically means lion human and is 40,000 years old! It was carved out of the tusk of a woolly mammoth. I don’t know about you, but I think it was smart of the museum to put it in a glass cabinet! […]

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Building a hut

I actually think that they are building a fort – but they told me it’s a hut, so that’s what we’re calling it. It is pretty amazing how we can make places to stay safe and warm and dry out of just about anything. Max just moved into the neighborhood – they all seem to be cooperating and are certainly doing a good job building the hut! Click on the image below, or click here, to open the coloring page, then download, […]

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American Gothic – our way!

American Gothic is a famous painting by Grant Wood. It’s probably one of the most recognized and parodied paintings right after the Mona Lisa.  In honor of the American 4th of July this year, Sophie and Sadie decided to get dressed up and pretend to be the painting.  I think they do pretty well!  A fun fact about this painting is that it is actually depicting a father and daughter.  I’ve always assumed it was a husband and wife.  You […]

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