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Yellowstone National Park

Wow – geysers are amazing! Kind of like volcanoes, but with water spurting up out of the earth. There are only a few place in the world where the conditions are just right for geysers – they need a place where water can hit super hot rocks under the earth’s surface heating up the water and making lots of steam and energy. The other thing that is needed is cracks in the earth’s surface for all that steam and energy […]

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Crater Lake National Park

Can you imagine a volcano erupting so strongly that it’s whole top blows off and falls down?! That’s what happened to Mt Mazama in Oregon. And then it slowly got filled with rain water (it took 740 years!) and now it is the deepest lake in North America and one of the deepest lakes in the world! Click on the image below, or click here, to open the coloring page, then download, print, and start coloring!

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Redwood National Park

Redwood trees have been around since the days of the dinosaurs! Although none of them are that old, there are some that are several thousand years old. They can grow as tall as a 30 story building and can be as wide as 4 adults standing in line with their arms stretched way out to the side. Sophie’s arms are just stretching over a little part of this Redwood! Even the bark is big – it can be a foot thick! […]

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Crystal Shop

There are all kinds of crystals – and the idea is a bit complicated. It’s all about how atoms and molecules come together to make very specific shapes. Snowflakes are crystals and so is salt and sugar and ice. And so are a lot of stones and rocks – especially in places that have cool natural awesomeness like Sophie and Sadie are seeing on their trip visiting the US National Parks. Looks like they found a shop that sells crystals […]

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Joshua Tree National Park

Desert, Dessert – there are a lot of different kinds of both deserts (that are usually places that don’t get much rain) and desserts (that are usually sugary and yummy to eat). Two deserts come together in Joshua Tree National Park in Southern California – the Mojave Desert and the Colorado Desert. Sophie and Sadie are in the Mojave Desert part where the fun looking Joshua Trees grow and there are mountains of huge rocks to climb! Better to not […]

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Arches National Park

Arches National Park in Utah is filled with…arches! Sandstone arches. Sometimes it’s wind that causes natural structures, sometimes water – this time it is salt! This area was once an ocean that evaporated leaving a lot of salt behind. The layers of salt combined with layers of harder and softer sandstone – and some wind and water – to create these arches. The sandstone comes in different colors and Sophie and Sadie are getting to see how the different colors […]

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Bryce Canyon National Park

Bryce Canyon National Park is a bit like a magical fairyland. The tall structures you see are called Hoodoos or Fairy Castles! Some canyons are created by rivers – Bryce Canyon is created by ice! The way the rocks were formed, the softer rocks are on the bottom and the harder rocks are on the top. Bryce Canyon has freezing cold temperatures 200 times a year – and each time, the water in the cracks in the rock freeze and makes the crack […]

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Zion National Park

Zion National Park

Zion National Park in Utah isn’t too far away from the Grand Canyon, but it is being carved by a different river – the Virgin River. It’s not a very powerful river, but it sure is when it rains and there are flash floods! Sophie and Sadie are in a part of the park called the Subway – because the shape that the river has carved out of the rock as it goes around the corner makes it look like […]

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Grand Canyon National Park Rafting

Grand Canyon National Park Rafting

Well, last week Sophie and Sadie were at the top of Grand Canyon National Park looking down – and this week they are at the bottom looking up! And that’s really far up – it’s over one mile (6,093 feet!) from the bottom to the top of the canyon. Glad they are in a gentle part of the river. The rapids can get pretty crazy in some part of the Colorado River! Click on the image below, or click here, to open the […]

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Grand Canyon National Park

Well, it certainly is grand if grand means humongous! It’s long and it’s wide and it’s deep. Although it is not the biggest canyon in the world. But it might be the most famous. The amazing thing is that a simple river, the Colorado River, running over the area for 5-6 million years carved away all of that stone. Click on the image below, or click here, to open the coloring page, then download, print, and start coloring!

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